25 May 16:00-19:30 London time

HR Global Summit 3.0

Strategies and tools for the Successful Employee Retention Plan

The Global HR Summit
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HR Global Summit it’s a 1-day online event bringing together over 1000+ HR professionals and industry experts from the world's largest companies

HR consultants and practitioners
Human resources professionals and managers
Business leaders and managers


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Retention Reality: Unpacking the Factors that Drive Employee Loyalty and Turnover

  • Drivers of Employee Retention and Turnover
  • The Costs and Consequences of High Employee Turnover
  • Benchmarking in the Creation of Employee Retention Programs
  • Common Problems with Employee Retention Programs

Candidate Experience and Its Impact on Sense of Belonging and Future Retention of Employees

  • How do we know that our company is competitive?
  • 2022 vs 2023: Trends, Flexibility, Innovation, and Revenue
  • Building Relationships with Candidates: Interviewing Process
  • What does candidate experience mean and Why do big companies have specific teams focused on it?
  • Top-grading method in use
  • Developing the Golden Standard of Onboarding: What Should and Should Not Be Included

Rewards that Retain: Retention Strategies and Total Rewards

  • Broad-based and targeted retention strategies
  • What are Total Rewards?
  • How to effectively structure Total Rewards
  • Evaluating the effectiveness and budget of your all-inclusive reward approach
  • The influence of rewards on employee retention

Balancing the Scales: Effective Employee Benefits on a Tight Budget

  • Expectancy Theory: Impact of tangible and intangible benefits on motivation and performance
  • Aligning benefits with employee motivations for retention
  • Balancing tangible and intangible benefits for retention improvement
  • Low-cost, effective benefits for companies in crisis
  • Communicating the value and reasoning behind tangible and intangible benefits to employees.


Expand your knowledge and get the best practical tools in the field of personnel management
Kristina Kudryavtseva
Former ex-Senior Leadership Recruiter @Meta
Vytaute Repciene
HR philosopher
Julian Vlach Ionita
Cross cultural consultant at Udemy
United Kingdom
Alina Sirbu
HR Adviser | Trainer & Facilitator | Art Therapist
Julia Zembal
Acting Recruitment Manager at OpenTag
Miroslav Draganov
CEO at WIDNET Solutions

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Our summit is designed to bring together HR professionals from large global businesses. We delve into pressing issues in light of current global events with experts from various countries.

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We can design a partnership package that aligns with your business objectives. This may include increasing brand recognition and providing high-quality editorial content.